Friday, April 24, 2009

R.I.P. Nest Boutique

End of another era!! R.I.P. Nest Boutique, we had some great memories over there!! It was part boutique, part "Cheers", part therapy/counseling sessions, a place to dress up, a place to make costumes, have parties, etc. It was a place where women could get together, play around with clothes and jewelry, and talk about the men in our lives, knowing that the knowledge shared would stay enclosed within those doors! It will be sorely missed, not only by myself, but for SO many other people who loved it there too! Tashina, I am so grateful for you and my experiences and memories built over there in that little shop! Even though I know things have come to an end, I am glad that we met and you will find your next venture soon, I just know it! :)

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