Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kelly Clarkson AGAIN!!

Kelly Clarkson wearing my silver chain bracelets in her latest video, "I Do Not Hook Up". She also wears my necklaces in the bar scene too (can't find pics yet). Thank you Leah and Renie!!
Kelly Clarkson wearing Jenny Dayco bracelets

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  1. Hey!! Where can I buy this bracelet/see more of your work?

  2. Hi Alexis! I'm currently in the process of making similar bracelets for everybody! Please email me directly at jennydayco@gmail.com so I can be sure to send you pics plus more info! And you can see more of my work via www.jennydayco.com, click on button to preview jewelry--it should take you to my online album. (Although I'm in the process of updating it, to add more pics!) Thanks for your interest! xoxo, jenny



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