Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Paris Hilton wearing my earrings!

So I was reading today, and they had a close up of Paris Hilton in her car...and for a brief moment I thought I saw the side of my earrings! After some intense research, I found more pics of her, and INDEED THEY ARE MY EARRINGS!! I called Diavolina to confirm that she bought them there, and I even found pics of her in the store! Anyways, the images are below...yesterday she wore them to her lunch with Nicole Richie, at her interview on the Ellen Show, and at a Nissan event tonight. Yay! The guy's face in the background of the third photo always cracks me up when I see it...ha ha ha!!
Paris Hilton wearing Jenny Dayco earrings

Paris Hilton wearing Jenny Dayco earrings

Paris Hilton wearing Jenny Dayco earrings

I'm a dork...

So one of the girls at Show Pony just emailed me and said I dropped off some gold wire teardrops, which I thought at the time were assembled earrings! She said they weren't assembled, they were just the teardrops! How embarrassing!! Oops!! :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Maybe Britney...?

So Avril's stylist still has my jewelry, and she emailed me a couple days ago about getting more jewelry for Britney Spears' new video! Unfortunately I couldn't make it back to LA on time, but she said she would use the jewelry I gave her for the video...

And yes, it is the video Britney shot yesterday for only TWO HOURS. Ha!

Venus Williams wearing my earrings!

Tennis pro Venus Williams wearing my gold Swarovski crystal earrings at her launch party for her clothing line! Thank you Melissa!
Venus Williams wearing Jenny Dayco earrings

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Avril Lavigne wearing my earrings at the American Music Awards!

AAAH!! Avril wearing my gold triple studded wire teardrop earrings at her appearance at the 2007 American Music Awards! You know, it's funny, I've had those earrings for a long time--but no takers! Avril's stylist told me a while back that she is really into Fergie's style, hence her wearing big gold earrings recently! I'm so glad she chose these to wear with her little copper dress! Very exciting!
Avril Lavigne wearing Jenny Dayco earrings

Saturday, November 17, 2007

One thing leads to another...

So last week I participated in a 24hour Paper magazine shopping event last week, in conjunction with Show Pony. When Kime asked me to bring my jewels, I thought sure, why not? At least it'll get people looking at my stuff, and I'd rather it be out in the world being seen, than sitting at home in my apartment! The event was fun, I got to don my Jeremy Scott dress, and get photographed a lot, reconnect with Jeremy, and meet a TON of new people! Very fun.

So, a few days ago, I get a voicemail from Samantha at Fruition Las Vegas, saying she is very interested in my stuff, she had seen my jewelry at the Paper event, and wanted my line for her store! (She had a booth there too!) I call her back, totally surprised, but excited about the opportunity, and told her I would email her all my info and where she could see my stuff online! We email back and forth...then she calls me the other night to tell me she wants my stuff for a shoot on I had to Fedex it by Friday for Saturday delivery. We go through what she wants, and two of the pieces aren't made yet!!

So earlier today I ran myself downtown to pick up what I needed for the shipment. Several months ago, I missed the Fedex truck, and I cried to the stylist on the phone in the Kinko's parking lot--I've vowed never to miss the truck EVER AGAIN. (Thank goodness me and that stylist still work together!!) Today I furiously assembled each piece, it took about an hour for each one! But finally I made it to Kinko's right as the Fedex truck arrived, whew!

Something about shipping overnight freaks me out. I think something might happen, or they don't get the package...I always am on edge until I hear they have it. One time, I sent a package for my old boss, and the delivery was put on the recipient's door, and she never got it! And it was a ton of expensive jewelry too! That's why I always worry a little.

Well, I'm crossing my fingers that she likes my stuff and that it will sell! This is the first time her boutique will carry jewelry, so I'm excited I'm one of her first picks! You can see more info on the store at Exciting!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Making goodies for Avril...

Her stylist told me she's got a couple projects coming up...the American Music Awards, and her appearance on "Dancing With The Stars" I am furiously making some new stuff tonight and tomorrow that I hope she'll like! For some reason, my wrist started hurting an hour ago and I have to wear this wristband so I don't make it worse!!

I really like working late at night...just me in front of the tv, making jewelry, it's nice and quiet, and I barely have any distractions. Late at night is when I am most creative. During the day, I feel like I can't make (well, new) stuff because I have all this admin/office/shopping stuff to take care of too! Wow, it's about 3:36 am, I should get to bed!! Yummy sleep...

Avril Lavigne wearing one of her favorites...

She's wearing my black jasper heart lock necklace again!!
Avril Lavigne wearing a Jenny Dayco necklace

Rihanna wearing my jewelry again!!

Rihanna wearing my black onyx tassel beaded necklace, and biting my freshwater peach pearl gradient necklace in her latest video, "Hate That I Love You". Sorry for the fuzzy screen caps, unfortunately it's all I've got!!
Rihanna wearing a Jenny Dayco necklace

Rihanna wearing a Jenny Dayco necklace

Avril Lavigne wearing my wallet chains!!

Avril Lavigne is wearing my silver wallet chain at her appearance on european TV show, "Wetten Dass".

Avril Lavigne wearing wallet chains by Jenny Dayco

Avril Lavigne wearing my silver and gold "A" and heart locket wallet chain at her appearance at the 2007 MTV Mexico Music Awards!
Avril Lavigne wearing wallet chains by Jenny Dayco

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Finally!! A blog of my crazy career!!

So I've decided to finally blog about my career!! I think I just needed a place to really let my clients, my friends, my buyers, everybody, know more about me and my little jewelry line. What "wars" I have with it, what good and bad stuff happens in it! Also, I could chronologically document each and every event...hopefully it will keep my brain together??? I hope!! :)

Oops, forgot to mention that my jewelry can be viewed online via When it re-directs you to my online album, scroll down to see my necklaces, and be sure to click back on my name at the top to take you back to the main menu to see my earrings, bracelets, press, etc. Although on this blog, I will update press, and new jewelry pieces when they come! Yippee!!


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